Bio: I love music, but that's a broad statement that needs clarification. The words 'Music' and 'musicians' envelope a wide range of sounds, individuals, and groups, many of each I actually do not believe to belong in either category. My preferences do not include: Rap, hard rock noise, and so many others that simply turn my stomach until I am able to turn them off, leave the place or change the channel. Most of the ones I've mentioned are quite talented, but, in my way of thinking, have "lost their way" or simply have never been 'on track' to allow their talent to include harmony, sensible lyrics, controlled emotions, diversity that does not include offensive language or antics that give the appearance that someone's on something that is or should be controlled. I love good gospel, easy listening, Celtic, some country and bluegrass and Christian (not too upbeat though)......sorry, but I like to clearly hear and understand the words not being drowned out by noise......and, some Christian music has it too. Sometimes I sit and listen to Pandora and pick out something of the piano instrumentals by various artists of today whom I've grown to admire and love their sound. Anyway, 'diversity with limits' is a good way to describe my musical admirations. Blessings to you all; and, to borrow a cliche from Runaway Home, "It's the music that makes us smile."

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